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I am VOR, photographer and traveler. My passion is to portray natural and urban landscapes, wildlife and the characters I meet on my way. My name is Estefanía Borges; I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1981. At the age of fifteen I started studying photography and fell in love with this art. In those days photography was analog, and developing handmade in the lab was my passion: immersed in the mysterious atmosphere of the red light, I put the white paper in the tray and wait to see how the image would emerge; for me, it was a magical moment. Since then I always carry a camera.

I have a degree in Communication from ORT Uruguay University and I studied at the National School of Fine Arts. At that time I began to identify myself artistically as VOR. For the last seven years I have been traveling through the most diverse territories of the great American continent; during this period I have published articles and photos in magazines in Uruguay and India. Through my collections you will be able to walk with me through this nomadic life.



Seis grados magazine (Uruguay)

Fotomgz (India)

About my work

Seven years ago I took a leap into the void. I quit my job, sold my stuff and started traveling. Alone, with my backpack and my camera. In the course of this overflowing and transforming experience, I discovered remote places, monumental landscapes, subtle ways of life. I met people and their stories, while getting to know myself better. I walked in the snow, got lost in the mountains and felt the oppressive heat of the desert. I faced my fears, convinced my mind not to despair and asked my body not to give up. There are no plans, only intentions and challenges. My confidence is in the road. Thus I traveled through Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, USA, Mexico and now Brazil. This work is a record of the most diverse moments of this process.

The images in these collections are not mute, they are not still, they are not memories of the past. If you let yourself be enveloped by them you will feel how they breathe, you will hear the voice of nature singing, murmuring and shouting its beauty almost to the point of stunned. In others, you will hear the voices of ancestry and modernity, of cultures that express themselves in their ways of life. I invite you to discover the message that awaits you in each one.

VOR trabajando en San Pedro de atacama, Chile

Chile, 2016

Vor tomando fotos en Uyuni, Bolivia

Bolivia, 2018